White Feces Syndrome has disrupted shrimp production in all over Thailand. The disease affected the farmers by reducing the shrimp body mass, resulting in lower selling price. Undoubtedly, using amino protein supplements has become one of the options that farmers choses to strengthen the shrimp immunity and keep them healthy. We would like to be a part of the solutions that could solve the problem and help bring joy to the farmers and the consumers.

Shirm Gro

Shrimp Gro is a high quality protein source that can be well absorbed by the animal, accelerate growth, strengthen the muscles, and help recover shrimp’s health after a disease.


  1. Made from high quality protein.
  2. Stimulate the food intake and increase shrimp weight.
  3. Easy to digest, stimulate muscle building, high body mass.
  4. Increase nutrient absorption.
  5. Help recover shrimp’s health after a disease

Main components:

 Minimum 80% amino protein


use as Premix for aquatic animals

Usage amount:

During raising: Shrimp Gro 5-10 g / kg food
During  stimulation or recovery: Shrimp Gro 20 g / kg food


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