Choose wellness, choose health for your loved ones because we never know if we’re consuming toxins through our meat products or not.


– Add beneficial microorganisms to the digestive system.
– Control pathogens not to develop in the digestive system.
– Stimulate cell-mediated immunity of aquatic animals.
– Increase the efficiency of protein absorption in the digestive tract.
– Promote the growth of beneficial microbes in the body of aquatic animals.
– Help reduce the incidence of white shrimp disease in shrimp.
– Support animal welfare by replacing the use of antibiotics in aquatic animals.


Chemical Properties: % moisture 12%, pH 5.5-6.5
Biological Properties :
Bacillus spp. >1012 CFU/kg                                 
Modified Yeast Cell Wall per 1 kilogram :
Bacillus subtilis 1 x 1012 CFU
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 1 x 1012 CFU
Bacillus licheniformis  1 x 1012 CFU
Medium is added to reach 1 kilogram


Use as probiotics for aquatic animals.

Feeding Instructions

Shrimp and fish 0.5-1 kg/ ton of feed

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