Food from Biotechnology

The secret to good health comes from regular exercise, having enough rest and eating good food but many people may not even know that healthy foods come from biotechnology process and this knowledge also helps us to solve the hidden benefit of many kinds of food.

“Biotechnology” is related to the good health which we do not even know.

Health food products derived from biotechnology:

  • Fermented milk and yogurt, Biotechnology helps us discover good microorganism for the human body. Milk consists of Lactobacillus, Aedidis and Streptococcus thermophilus. Fermentation with good microorganism gives us tasty fermented milk and yogurt which benefit to our health.
  • Bread, The science of mixing flour, yeast, water and baking powder then become bread is also a matter of biotechnology. The deeper in biotechnology study, make us know what kind of bread to produce for better health.
  • Soy sauce and bean paste are considered as biotechnology since the past.
  • Vinegar and sour clear liquid are produced by fermentation, it is also biotechnology. There are many benefits as well.

Moreover, there are many foods including supplement that help to promote our health as you can see that good health is really related to biotechnology.