Currently the demand for aquatic animals has increased exponentially, causing the farmers to accelerate their production capacity, which may lead to the accumulation of excess organic matter in the pond. Such conditions could be affecting our farmers and producers, leading to the rise of chemical usage, putting our loved ones’ safety at risk as a consumer.

Aqua Prime

Aqua Prime is a water treatment product consisting of beneficial microorganisms that has been researched, developed, and selected to be the most effective strains in removing nitrogen from the system through denitrification. These microorganisms have outstanding properties in reducing nitrite accumulation in ponds especially in shrimp ponds at more than 90 days of age, or in ponds with nitrite accumulation. Aqua Prime also helps to effectively decompose organic matter in the aquaculture pond.

Aqua Prime consist of 4 strains of beneficial microorganisms:

  1. Bacillus subtilis 
  2. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
  3. Bacillus licheniformis
  4. Bacillus coagulans

The total amount of microorgasisms are not less than 1 x 1010  CFU/kg 


  • Reduce the nitrite accumulation in the pond.
  • Contains beneficial microbial strains that support the denitrification process.
  • A complete probiotics formula, containing food for the probiotic which helps optimize their growth.
  • Short stimulation period of 4-6 hours.


  1. Mix 200 grams (1packet) of Aqua Prime with 20 liters of clean water to stimulate the microorganisms. Provide aeration for 4-6 hours to allow Aqua Prep’s leavening agent to be ready for use.
  1. Splash the mixed solution all over the pond (estimate size of 4 rai). Add product every 3-7 days.


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